Soiree for Seagrass

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SOIREE for Seagrass Friday, November 10, 2023
Friends of Manatee Lagoon is excited to announce the date for the 2023 Soiree for Seagrass. Join us on the beautiful waterfront at Manatee Lagoon for an evening of seagrass spritzers, specialty foods, live music and a silent auction. This fundraising event is being hosted to raise awareness about the loss of seagrass, manatee’s primary food source. We encourage you to support our mission to fund inspiring exhibits, educational programs and marine conservation efforts that inform the community about the challenges manatees encounter in Florida. Manatees need our help and together we can work towards cleaner water, safe boating practices and becoming active stewards of our environment.

Sponsorships will be offered April 1, 2023
Tickets will go on sale September 1, 2023

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