Lionfish Exhibit

In partnership with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Friends of Manatee Lagoon has launched its newest exhibit on display at Manatee Lagoon - An FPL Eco-Discovery Center. The Lionfish Exhibit aims to teach visitors about lionfish, a fascinating, nonnative, invasive species to Florida. 

The exhibit explains why invasive species can be harmful to other fish and wildlife that are native to the area, why people should use caution around lionfish due to their venomous spines, as well as the impact that lionfish have on our marine life locally.


Would you like to help make a difference? Below are some of the ways you can help.

  • Don't release your pets. Releasing invasive species is prohibited in Florida and can permanently alter native ecosystems.
  • Report your sightings. Report a lionfish sighting or harvest to interested organizations and agencies. Find details at
  • Consider participating in lionfish derbies and tournaments. Help reduce local lionfish populations by participating in these types of events in your area.
  • Discover lionfish as seafood. Several Florida restaurants, seafood markets and grocery stores serve or sell commercially-harvested lionfish. Learn more at